Our Story

  The Big Woods. 

After returning home from living in the PNW, my father and I were making our way home along an old familiar route. We were just a crow's fly from the noise and hustle of the big city, when my father decided to turn off onto a road I had never been before. A few short minutes later, we found ourselves tucked peacefully among an old growth of oak, maple, and birch named the Big Woods.


During our walk, my father began to tell me the story of how the beauty surrounding us once belonged to a couple who farmed the land decades ago. While raising cattle, producing syrup, and harvesting lumber and crops, the couple managed a healthy balance of give and take with the land. Never over grazing or over logging by using rotational methods. With rising taxes and land values, came pressure from land developers. Rather than sell  their property like 

many of their neighbors, the couple donated 52 acres of their farm to the state in 1980. What once spanned more than 6,000 miles across western Wisconsin and southeastern Minnesota, I now stood among some of the last remaining timbers belonging to the Big Woods. Forever grateful my father had taken me there that day. 


Several years after that trip to the woods, life had taken me on a path working in the beekeeping world just miles from another small preserve of the Big Woods in southeastern Minnesota. With a desire to start my own business that worked for the land rather than against it, I took my passion for the great outdoors and my desire to help preserve it to create what is now The FLP - merging both my childhood sentiment for life on the farm and my love for the wild.

  In Collaboration With Nature. 

Here at The FLP we are an online shop not only dedicated to inspiring others to continue to seek out their freedoms, but preserving the points of the earth where we find those freedoms. We put great thought into our products and the pieces we purchase; opting to support makers/creators that choose to use locally sourced and raw materials, so that we may try to keep both our untamed, and not so untamed, spaces a little cleaner. Each of our own products are carefully made in small batches by hand using quality, sustainable beeswax and raw honey through working with local apiarists within our region. To keep true to our mission, we have also chosen to use eco-friendly packaging made from recycled and recyclable material.